morning calls

i got a new driverís licence the other day. man. the photo makes me look like i should be in a new wave punk band. straight out of 1981. ian curtis and river pheonix. and me and you.

iím not sure if i like the new beastie boys album yet. first of all, thereís too much swearing. donít get me wrong, if you have read more than a page of this diary you would know that i tend to use the fuck word a little excessively, but i think itís a bit over the top. especially with yauch, he used to be a nice young man.

and so i was driving down the hume highway, to the five boroughs spinning, and the windows down. you could be forgiven for thinking that i was listening to jay-z or something. the whole album just sounds too gangsta rap.

but. it is a good album.

i got up very early this morning to get dashboard tickets. thinking they would sell out very quickly. there seems to still be heaps on sale, but thatís cool. i spose all the 14 year olds were at school. i decided on seated tickets instead of on the floor. i had enough of the wannabe emo kids last time they played here.

talking to this vinyl shirt guy the last few days makes me think that he is quite messed up on drugs. i donít know if i can deal with that.

18/06/2004 12:28

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